WP Spell Check


Proofread & audit your WordPress website with One Click! Find & fix Spelling errors, Punctuation errors, Grammar errors, SEO, Broken Shortcodes & HTML, and Create a professional image with WP Spell Check

By using WP Spell Check you will be able to:

  • Proofread entire WordPress website with one click and find spelling mistakes and grammar errors
  • Quickly and easily create a professional image for your website visitors, an image your customers want to invest in on a daily basis
  • Pick up punctuation errors and typos you had missed on old pages & posts and help your team maintain a professional web presence
  • Check your writing and produce a comprehensive report on spelling, grammar, SEO Oportunities, Broken Shortcodes, and Broken HTML that exist on your website
  • Get AI suggestions for SEO titles and descriptions and improve your SEO

Who is this WordPress plugin for?

  • WordPress Blogs with a ton of content and no extra time

  • Small Businesses and website owners that want to Proofread their site to improve their image online

  • Web developers, SEO agencies and marketing agencies with a large list of clients looking for ways to optimize their processes and save time

  • You have many pages and posts that don’t have proper SEO titls and descriptions and you have time or the knowlegde to fill them out yourself

  • Marketing managers that are responsible for the company’s image but someone else creates content

  • If you have a disability that makes reading hard for you and would love a simple solution

Note: This is the lite version of WP Spell Check. Additional features are included in the Premium Version. Click Here to get access to WP Spell Check Pro and unlock those Premium Features!

WP Spell Check is for you if you want to…

  • Spell check entire wordpress site for spelling errors and mistakes on your website
  • Help your team quickly Proofread and Audit their work and save time
  • Pick up errors and typos you’d missed on old posts/pages
  • Improve SEO with a few clicks on pages and posts and show up on Google (Pro version)
  • Find the errors with no hassle…with a click of a button
  • Find all the broken Shortcodes, broken plugins and broken HTML on your websites

Most people who use our plugin for the first time most likely:

  • Busy people that have errors they have missed and want to spell check whole website
  • Developers who do not write the content but are nonetheless responsible for proper spellings!
  • SEO agencies and web agencies trying to find ways to improve Clients’ websites and improve their own processes
  • Have a disability that makes reading problematic

That’s why WP Spell Check is the Fastest Proofreading Plugin to help you find and fix the errors and maintain a professional image for your business.


WP Spell Check integrates with the following plugins and themes:

  • WooCommerce
  • Yoast SEO
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Rank Math SEO
  • Classic Editor
  • Elementor
  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin
  • Divi Theme
  • Contact Form 7

What our customers say about WP Spell Check…

This plugin is LIGHTS OUT!!!!!

This is one amazing product. I have a web site that has over 8000 pages.
You can imagine the load it would take to review each page.
This plugin is LIGHTS OUT!!!!!
Five stars, saved me a thousand hours.
What is better than the plugin is the support.
Every time I have an issue they were right there to help, and they worked feverishly to fix and restore.
I have NEVER worked with a company that had back-end support.
I can’t brag about them enough.
Thank you so much guys, you rock and I would highly recommend you to everyone.
You helped me more than you will know

By Michael Sullivan, USA

Finally a Spell Checker Plugin That Works

I have been looking for a plugin that could spellcheck an entire website for common misspellings and this plugin does just that. You can download the trial version to test it out on your site for page content and post titles. If you want more features, then you should buy the pro version.

By socreatives

Works Perfectly Amazing

It helped us to find a lot of hidden content on the site that was hurting us with SEO. A lot of lorem ipsum here and there and multi-language details we didn’t see. The template had many small things which we didn’t use and they are all discovered. I like this plugin a lot. Thank you
Ali Tavanayan, Vancouver

Truly a great plugin

Truly a great plugin for the developer who does not write the content but is nevertheless responsible for proper spellings! Misspelled words create an image of poor design

Presentation is everything!

Other than broken links, misspelled words create an image of poor design. WP Spell Check helps our team maintain a professional web presence.

Adam Halpern, Houston, USA

Worked Great for me

I emailed the support team about 1 small bug I found, and they fixed it immediately, thanked me, and followed up. Couldn’t be happier. I didn’t realize how many spelling mistakes my site had till I ran these scans. Thanks!!

by electroset

You’ve helped take me to the next level

WP Spell Check picked up so many errors I’d missed on old posts. There’s nothing less professional than a website with spelling mistakes, so you’ve helped take me to the next level.

Nigel Coates, Gold Coast, Australia

Plugin Support

For support, please visit our website

Bug reports

Bug reports for WP Spell Check are welcomed on our Support page.

Popoular Video Guides

For more info on Proofreading and Auditing your WordPress blog, check out the following:

How AI can improve your SEO?

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence language model that helps generate high-quality content by providing suggestions for SEO titles and descriptions.
Our plugin now utilizes OpenAI’s capabilities to help you fill in empty SEO titles and descriptions on your website with just a few clicks.

We understand that optimizing your website for search engines can be a time-consuming and challenging task, but with this feature, you can save time and increase your website’s visibility.
OpenAI suggests the most relevant and high-ranking keywords to ensure that your website appears on top of search engine results.

Can I spell check entire website for free?

Yes. Depending on the size of your website you can spell check entire website for free. Our base version scans up to 25 pages and 25 posts for free. For additional pages and posts, you can upgrade to our premium version.
WP Spell Check is the fastest WordPress spell check plugin that does a sitewide spell check and grammar check. It is the fastest spell checker and grammar checker plugin that checks the entire website within seconds so you don’t have to go through your website page by page.

Which grammar rules does the plugin check for?

Currently, our plugin is checking for the following grammar and style suggestions:

  • Complex Expression
  • Hidden Verb
  • Passive Voice
  • Possessive Ending
  • Redundant Expression
  • Contractions

Does WP Spell Check do a free spell check and free grammar check?

Yes. Our plugin does free spell check and free grammar check on WordPress websites. You can use the plugin widget that shows on the right side on every page to do unlimited spell check and grammar check scans.
For bulk scanning and fixing errors on your website, the base version offers limited features. You can upgrade to our Premium version to get full access to all the Pro features and proofread and fix the errors on your website.

Which web browsers are supported with WP Spell Check?

We test our plugin on the major web browsers so you can do a spell check and grammar check your WordPress site in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsft Edge and Opera.

How do I benefit from WP Spell Check?

If you have a website with 500 pages and 500 posts, it takes a long time to go through every page/post and proofread: page content, tags, categories, SEO title and description etc.
WP Spell Check Scans your entire site in seconds and prints out a comprehensive list of errors. You can save a lot of time and embarrassment by using WP Spell Check.

How do I find Short Codes and plugins that are not working on my WordPress website?

When a shortcode is not working on your WordPress website, it will be displayed on the HTML output of the page. Example: [contact form content 8768768g].

WP Spell Check scans and finds the ones that are not working and displays them on the results page so you can fix the shortcode and get your website to function properly again.

What are SEO empty fields? Why should I bother finding them?

SEO Empty fields are fields on various areas of your website that should be filled out to help your SEO ranking on Google, Bing and other search engines.
Finding them and filling them out with relative keywords with the help of our OpenAI (ChatGPT) integration will help you improve your SEO rankings and show up on Google Search results.

Does the FREE plugin check everything on my website?

The FREE plugin only checks the contents of pages and posts on your website. For a more extensive check on everything on your website, you can purchase our premium version. The premium version checks your entire website

Reasons to upgrade to “WP Spell Check Pro”

Save time, and embarrassment and build your professional image by getting access to all the Pro features and benefits.
[Get AI based suggestions for SEO titles and descriptions your pages and posts].(https://www.wpspellcheck.com/product-tour/?utm_source=baseplugin&utm_campaign=readmefile&utm_medium=readmefile&utm_content=9.17)

How many languages does the plugin support?

WP Spell Check supports the following languages:

  • American English

  • British English

  • Canadian English

You can choose your WordPress spell check language on the General Options page

What are the benefits of getting WP Spell Check Pro?

You can proofread and audit the entire website with one click. You do not have to go through pages, posts, SEO titles, SEO descriptions, forms, menus, slugs etc. to check for errors. That is very time consuming. WP Spell Check does this for you and shows you a comprehensive list of all the errors on your website. You can find and fix the errors to improve the user experience on your website and in many cases get better SEO ranking especially when it comes to broken shortcodes and broken code.

Can WP Spell Check handle large websites?

WP Spell Check is designed to handle websites with tens of thousands of pages and posts. This is ideal for large corporate websites and large Blogs. You can proofread and audit the entire website/blog in a few seconds and save thousands of hours of work for users and site admins. To learn more about the packages available for large websites, please visit our website

Which parts of my website gets checked for spelling?

Visit our website for a complete list of features and what is included. New website components will be added in our future releases. Visit our Facebook and Twitter page for updates.

How does this plugin work?

WP Spell Check is a WordPress proofreading plugin that runs in the background of your site and scans the entire wordpress site for spelling errors & grammar errors, SEO Empty Fields, Broken HTML code and Broken Shortcodes. When you fix these errors, it will help you boost website conversion rates.
These errors are usually visible to your visitors and show up on social media when you post your content across different social media channels.

Do you provide support for WP Spell Check plugin?

Yes, for additional support please visit our support center

I have more questions, where should I go?

Visit the website for the Best WordPress Spell Check Plugin for additional support for more questions and answers


  • The WP Spell Check Spelling Errors Scan Results Page
  • The WP Spell Check Grammar Scan Results Page
  • The WP Spell Check SEO Empty Fields Scan Results Page
  • The WP Spell Check Broken Code Scan Results Page
  • The WP Spell Check General Options
  • The WP Spell Check Spellcheck Options
  • The WP Spell Check Grammar Options
  • The WP Spell Check SEO Empty Fields Options
  • The WP Spell Check Accessibility Options
  • The WP Spell Check Ignore List page
  • The WP Spell Check My Dictionary Page
  • The WP Spell Check Editor Highlights


Extract the zip file and copy the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from the Plugins page.


You will find answers to many of your questions on www.wpspellcheck.com/support/.


januar 13, 2024 1 reply
No idea why there are so many poor reviews but this plugin works great. WordPress lacks tools for spelling check and correction and this particular plugin has done the job while I work on new blog posts. No complaints so far.
august 28, 2023 1 reply
I hit the max number of free pages and so paid for upgrade and uploaded and activated upgrade. It sent me in a circle where it said I only have the base version so I don't need an API key, it wouldn’t recognize the API key and told me to click to their website to upgrade. But that didn’t do anything. I circled between my website a few times and their website locked me out. There was no way to click through to support without logging in. When I finally reached support they told me they could go into my site to try to fix it or just give me a refund if I prefer. They seemed too quick to want access to my site and too fly by night for me to trust them with access so I chose refund. At which point they said i didn’t meet the requirements for a refund and refused to give one. I feel scammed frankly. Whether they are inept, dishonest or both I would not recommend dealing with them or using their glitchy app.
juli 19, 2023 1 reply
Great idea, was surprised it seemed to be the only plugin of it's kind. Disappointed to find it does not work and just spins in circles.
desember 8, 2022 1 reply
And it's not close. Moe was on the phone with me, emailed me, over and over and went WAY out of his way to help fix the issue, as well as help point out some other issues he saw on my site that suggested I address. The plugin works great, and the Pro version has all the features and extras I'd want. Excellent.
desember 2, 2021 1 reply
I could not get this plugin to work properly and have no idea why. Support was completely unresponsive. If you Deactivate and Delete this product it does not completely uninstall as when you re-install (Trying to fix the problem) both the API key, configurations and databases are still there so none of these are deleted when you uninstall it. I do not recommend it.
Read all 34 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“WP Spell Check” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • Security improvements
  • Fixed an issue with some crossed words between the UK, US, and Canadian dictionaries. If you find any additional words please let us know and we will fix it ASAP.


  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Checked compatibility with WordPress 6.3


  • PRO: Updated OpenAI (ChatGPT) integration to use the gpt-3.5-turbo-0613 engine. This engine will produce better SEO Titles and Descriptions. According to OpenAI, this engine has 10x reduced price compared to other engines.


  • PRO: Added OpenAI (ChatGPT) integration to the SEO Empty Fields scan providing AI generated SEO Titles and Descriptions for Pages and Posts. See turorial here:
  • This integration is in Beta phase. We are looking for feedback to improve and optimize it further


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed an issue where the SEO empty field would not update a word when using the edit function
  • Fixed an issue where the suggested words were not showing up when clicking on highlighted words on the classic editor
  • Fixed an issue where the SEO empty field would not ignore fields correctly
  • PRO: Fixed an issue where the Broken Code Entire Site scan would sometimes not pick up HTML broken code
  • PRO: Fixed an issue where the Custom Fields scan could report HTML tags as errors
  • PRO: Fixed an issue where showing highlights on page for logged in admin could conflict with shortcodes.
  • Security improvements
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed an issue where certain special characters, such as & or |, could prevent spell check errors from showing up on the spell check results page
  • Fixed an issue where editing a word from the spell check results page would not work if the word started with & or | characters
  • Fixed an issue where some words would not be highlighted on the Classic Editor page
  • PRO: Fixed an issue where the Classic Editor page spell check wouldn’t use the WP Spell Check Pro dictionary files
  • PRO: Fixed an issue where the second page of spelling errors on the spell check results page would not be sorted by the Count column
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Reach out to us if you find issues with the plugin to get one year of the Pro version for Free!


  • Security improvements
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  • Security improvements
  • Improved scan times for all scans
  • Fixed an issue where Classic Editor individual page scan buttons did not work
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  • Security improvements
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  • Security improvements
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  • Security improvements
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  • Security improvements
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes and security improvements


  • Fixed an issue where a scan could be initiated while another scan was already in progress
  • Fixed an issue where the next page arrow on the results page would not work properly
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Improved scan times for the Grammar, SEO, and Broken Code scans by more than 30%
  • Fixed the view link for sitename spelling errors not linking to the WordPress options page
  • Fixed an issue where Grammar errors would not be highlighted on the Classic Editor edit page
  • Fixed a database error that could occur during first installation
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  • Improved scan times for the Spell Check scan by more than 30%
  • Fixed the view link on Category Titles not linking to the edit category page
  • Fixed issue with selecting multiple actions (Ignore, Add to Dictionary, Edit, Suggested Spelling) on the same word
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Improved scan times and time estimates of all scans
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • PRO: Fixed an issue where Woo Commerce Titles would not be updated when editing them from the Spell Check results page


  • Improved response time of results pages when starting a new scan
  • PRO: Fixed an issue where Broken HTML scan would not show all errors found on a page.
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Added support for WP Bakery
  • Added support for Rank Math SEO
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed support for Page Builder by SiteOrigin
  • Added support for Elementor and SeedProd
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed the issue where statistics were not showing properly after the scan was finished.
  • Happy New Year!


  • Fixed the issue where the plugin could cause icons on the top admin dashboard to not display properly
  • Fixed the results page displaying pending changes message when attempting to go to the next page with no changes
  • Fixed an issue where the results page displayed a message saying words have been updated when no updates were saved
  • Fixed issue where the options logo did not show on the results pages
  • Fixed error where Export Plugin Data feature did not work
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
  • Compatibility check with WordPress 5.6
  • If you see any errors on the plugin please submit a ticket here https://www.wpspellcheck.com/support/
  • Have a great Holiday Season and Happy New Year


  • Fixed an issue where the message that an update was available for WP Spell Check Pro would not show


  • The results page no longer needs to refresh to display errors when scanning
  • Fixed an error where Ignore, Add to Dictionary, Edit, and Suggested Spelling did not work
  • Fixed an error where where editing a word from the results page would sometimes update the wrong words
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • April 20, 2021


  • Improved Grammar, SEO Empty Fields, and Broken Code performance and scan time by 30-40%.


  • Improved Spellcheck performance and scan time by 30-40%.


  • Improved plugin performance and load times
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Contact Form 7 spellcheck scan will now scan email notification and email auto responder


  • Fixed a PHP error that could occur when activating the pro version for the first time
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed an error where eCommerce scans were not showing errors from WooCommerce products
  • Fixed a PHP warning that could occur when activating both the base and pro version at the same time


  • Fixed an error where the scan scheduler on the options page could schedule a Broken Code scan without the pro version active


  • When the spell check scan runs into an error, it will now attempt to restart the scan and give the option to report the error to us so we can work on fixing it


  • Fixed an issue with Broken Code scan conflicting with other plugins


  • Fixed an issue where updating words on custom post types may not update the post itself
  • Fixed an issue where errors in shortcodes could cause a spellcheck scan to not finish


  • Fixed an issue that caused an error on install for some PHP configurations


  • Added a link to the settings page from each of the results pages


  • PRO: Added support for spell checking custom fields on Pages and Posts
  • Fixed editor highlights causing code injection in certain cases
  • Fixed slug scans showing multiple words as a single spelling error
  • Fixed an issue with the search bar on the Grammar results page not working
  • Fixed an issue where a JavaScript error on the media edit page could interfere with other plugins
  • Fixed an issue where a single number would show up as a spelling error


  • Fixed an issue where Highlights from miss-spelled words and grammar suggestions would show on the Preview page when you click on the preview button on classic editor


  • Fixed an issue where the SAVE DRAFT button was saving Highlight code on the page.


  • Stability and performance improvements for JavaScript to avoid conflicts with other plugins
  • Improved security of forms on the Dictionary page and the Ignore list page, to avoid code injection from hackers


  • Updated Post scan to only check custom post types used for front-end content of the website
  • Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a PHP Warning caused when the plugin was checking for the pro version


  • Fix an issue where our banners was showing on top of the gutenbern editor
  • Fixed an issue where the update message would appreat on top of the page
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Post Types where not getting scanned.
  • Bug fixes


  • Important update: Further stability and performance improvements for the plugin


  • Stability and performance improvements for the Spell Check Scan and the SEO Empty Fields Scan


  • Stability and performance improvements for the Broken Code Scan and the Grammar Check Scan
  • Spell check: Fixed an issue when edits for words such as tip#5 and &words, would not go through
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Important change: Optimized loading times for CSS, PHP and Java Script files.


  • Fixed a fatal error caused by an array index out of range
  • Fixed a bug where a word containing ‘s and some other characters would not get updated.
  • PRO: Updated the word Count on Spell Check results page to group errors with Case Sensitivity
  • Improvements to the editor page highlight code
  • other bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed a bug where a word attached to a + or & would not get updated
  • Interface updates
  • Other bug fixes


  • Enhancements to the Spell Check function. Some errors may be considered grammar errors in terms of spacing and punctuation rules.
  • The following examples will now be picked up as spelling errors: words876, words.three (spacing error), ?open, flags,where (spacing error), .]reform See more details on our blog
  • My dictionary update and cancel button
  • Improvements for the Visual Editor highlight code
  • Pro: Improvement for front end highlight code (Yellow highlights)
  • Update the dictionary files with some new words


  • Full integration with WooCommerce: the plugin now scans the following area in a WooCommerce product: Title, Description, Short Description, Tags and Category titles and descriptions
  • Fixed an issue with Spanish and French characters that would stop scans in page/post and SEO titles and descriptions
  • Fixed an issue with custom fields where the content was getting duplicated
  • Removed social media links from spell check scans


  • Fixed a code conflict issue between WP Spell Check and MonsterInsights that was causing a fatal error


  • Fixed an issue when the view link was not working for author scans
  • Fixed an issue when Author updates for spell check and SEO Empty fields were not working
  • Compatibility check with WordPress 5.2.1
  • UI improvements
  • PRO Version: Fixed an issue with Widget scans that were not working properly
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  • Fix an issue where the on-page highlight code was not working on Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer
  • Fixed an issue with the email report notifications that were no being sent
  • Performance improvements on the plugin
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed an issue with the sidebar
  • Update the dictionary with the list of world currencies with their ISO Codes
  • Bug fixes and improvements