Music Store – WordPress eCommerce


Music Store – WordPress ecommerce features:

♪ Allows selling audio files via PayPal, Square Up, iDeal – Mollie. Payments are SCA ready (Strong Customer Authentication), compatible with the new Payment services (PSD 2) – Directive (EU)
♪ Allows selling the Music Store products via WooCommerce cart (Experimental feature)
♪ Allows a custom setup of the online store
♪ Includes an audio player that supports formats: OGA, MP3, WAV, WMA
♪ Includes multiple layouts for the Music Store
♪ Allows sharing songs in social networks (ex: Facebook and X)
♪ Supports all most popular web browsers and mobile devices
♪ Includes a module to track sales statistics

Music Store – WordPress ecommerce is an online store for selling audio files (music, speeches, narratives, everything audio), that alternatively allows selling its products via WooCommerce.

Music Store – WordPress ecommerce protects your audio files, preventing them from being downloaded without permission.

The audio player in the Music Store supports all major browsers in desktop and mobiles devices, and the MP3, WAV, WMA and OGA audio formats.

More about the Main Features:

  • Integrates PayPal, Stripe, Square Up, and iDeal – Mollie payment gateways.
  • Enables embedding shop, product, product lists, or sales counters on preferred website pages with customizable display options.
  • Audio player supports OGA, MP3, WAV, WMA formats.
  • Facilitates product sharing on social networks like Facebook and X.
  • Enables license definition.
  • Compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Features a sales reports module for comprehensive analytics.

The “Music Store” plugin integrates with:

  • Classic WordPress Editor
  • Gutenberg Editor
  • Elementor
  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin
  • BeaverBuilder Editor

For other editors, use general-purpose controls like HTML or shortcode inserters for shortcodes.

The base plugin, available for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory has all the features you need to create a WordPress ecommerce on your website.

Premium Features

  • Sell collections & albums
  • Includes a shopping cart for selling multiple products at once
  • Secure Audio Playback
  • Filter products by file types
  • Sell products exclusively with licenses
  • Create & apply discounts, coupons
  • Import multiple audio files with ID3 tag extraction
  • Integrate with WebHooks, Salesforce
  • Generate & send dynamic coupons for promotions

Demo of Premium Version of Plugin

Are the download links secure?

Access to song files in the WordPress store is safeguarded:

  • Files are stored in a protected directory, accessible only through server-side validation.
  • The Music Store plugin validates download links based on purchase date, download limit, and email verification.
  • Settings allow defining link validity period, download limits, and email verification for secure access to purchased songs.

If you want more information about this plugin or another one, don’t doubt to visit the website:

Installing and using the free version of the Music Store – WordPress ecommerce

Installing and using the premium version of the Music Store – WordPress ecommerce

Inserting a product, and product list, on a web page and sidebars. Premium version of plugin.

Buying in the Music Store – WordPress ecommerce.


Setting up Music Store

Music Store – WordPress ecommerce can be set up via the menu: “Settings / Music Store” or the new submenu “Music Store / Store Settings”. The setup screen offers general settings for the Music Store, allows to enter PayPal data to process sales (The plugin includes the integration with other payment gateways like Square Up, iDeal – Mollie, and Stripe), and texts necessary for email notifications.

Settings Interface

The setup interface offers:

  • Integration with WooCommerce: Sell products via WooCommerce cart.
  • Music Store URL: Define the store’s webpage URL for seamless navigation.
  • Filter options: Filter products by type, genre, artist, or album.
  • Pagination: Enable multiple pages for music store products.
  • Friendly URLs: Use user-friendly URLs for product pages.
  • Layout selection: Choose from various store layouts.
  • Items per page: Set the number of products displayed per page.
  • Player customization: Select audio player style.
  • Secure playback settings: Control protected playback percentage and explanatory text.
  • Social sharing: Include social sharing buttons for songs and collections.

Payment Gateway Settings

  • Enable PayPal Payments to facilitate product sales through PayPal. You can enter PayPal email, currency, and PayPal interface language by default.
  • Payment Button: Choose the design for payment buttons.
  • Use Shopping Cart: Activate a shopping cart for consolidated purchases.
  • Hide Download Link for Blank Prices: Conceal download links for songs with blank prices.
  • Enhance Download Page Security: Verify the email used for product purchase on the download page.
  • Bundle Purchased Files: Download all files as a single ZIP file for convenience.
  • Restrict Access to Registered Users: Display “Buy Now” buttons and download links for registered users only.
  • Licenses: Enter URLs for licenses related to free, regular, and exclusive purchases.

Discount Settings (Advanced Version)

  • Display Promotions: Showcase discount offers on the music store page.
  • Discount Percentage: Set the percentage discount on the selling price.
  • Minimum Sales Requirement: Specify the condition for discount application.
  • Validity Period: Define the start and end dates for the discount rules.
  • Promotional Text: Add promotional text to promote the discounts effectively.

Coupon Settings (Advanced Version)

  • Discount Percentage: Set the discount percentage for the selling price.
  • Coupon Code: Enter a valid coupon code for discounts.
  • Validity Period: Specify the start and end dates for coupon validity.

From the version v5.0.74, was included an add-on to allow generate coupons dynamically with every purchase, and send them to the buyers to promote new purchases.

Coupons Generator Add-On (Advanced Version)

  • Activate the Coupons Generator: Enable the coupon generator feature.
  • Discount Percentage: Set the discount percentage for generated coupons.
  • Coupon Code Length: Define the number of characters in the coupon codes.
  • Validity Period: Specify the number of days the coupons are valid.
  • Promotional Message: Add a promotional message to notification emails with coupon details.

Notification Settings for Buyers and Store Managers

  • Sender Email Address: Email displayed as the sender of notifications.
  • Notification Email Address: Email where notifications are sent after each sale.
  • User Confirmation Email Subject: Subject line for customer purchase confirmation email.
  • User Confirmation Email Body: Message sent to the client upon purchase, with %INFORMATION% tag replaced by purchase data.
  • Admin Notification Email Subject: Subject line for administrator notification on purchase.
  • Admin Notification Email Body: Message sent to the administrator on purchase, with %INFORMATION% tag replaced by purchase data.

Affiliate Royale Integration, if the Affiliate Royale plugin is installed on the website, and you want integrate it with the Music Store.

Square add-on

Allows integrating the store with Square Up payment gateway. More details:

iDeal – Mollie add-on

Allows integrating the store with iDeal – Mollie. More details:

Stripe add-on

Allows integrating the store with Stripe. Requires the installation of the free plugin: Music Store – Stripe Add On

WebHook Connector add-on (Available in the Professional version of the plugin)

The WebHook Connector add-on allows the integration with WebHooks for using services like: Zapier, IFTTT, Microsoft Flow, all of them are connectors for hundred of other services.

The add-on is accessible from the store’s settings. Simply, enter the URL to the WebHook, and create the connection between the names of fields in the WebHook, and the information that the website should send.

Salesforce Connector add-on (Available in the Professional version of the plugin)

The Salesforce Connector add-on allows to create new leads in Salesforce with the buyers data.

The add-on is accessible from the store’s settings. Simply, create the relationship between the Salesforce attributes and the information in the website.

Note: Salesforce requires at least the users emails to create the leads.

Creating content

Two types of products can be sold through the Music Store – WordPress ecommerce: songs or collections.

Creating songs

  1. Click on “Music Store Song” in the menu to add a new song.
  2. Fill in the following details for the song:
    • Title: Enter the song title.
    • Description: Optional information about the song.
    • Sales Price: Price of the song.
    • Exclusive Price: Price for exclusive sales.
    • Single Sale: Check to sell the song individually.
    • Audio File for Sale: URL of the audio file.
    • Audio File for Demo: URL of the demo audio file.
    • Protect File: Secure playback to prevent downloading (Professional plugin version).
  3. Artist: Choose the artist(s) or add a new one.
  4. Album: Select the album(s) where the song is included or add a new one.
  5. Cover: URL of the cover image.
  6. Duration: Song length.
  7. Publication Year: Year of release.
  8. Additional Information: URL for more details about the song.
  9. To set discounts:
    • New Price: Discounted price.
    • Valid from: Start date of the discount.
    • Valid to: End date of the discount.
    • Promotional Text: Text to promote the discount.
  10. On the right side, you can specify the song’s genre.

Creating collections

  1. Click on “Music Store Collection” in the menu to access the collection section.
  2. Click “Add New” to create a new collection.
  3. Collection setup interface:
    • Title: Enter the collection title.
    • Description: Optional description of the collection.
    • Sales Price: Price of the collection.
    • Exclusive Price: Price for exclusive sales (removes collection from store).
    • Songs in Collection: Choose songs to include in the collection. Songs must be public and defined in the songs section.
    • Artist: Select the artist(s) for the collection or add a new one.
    • Cover: URL of the cover image.
    • Publication Year: Year of release for the collection.
    • Additional Information: URL for more details about the collection.
  4. To set discounts:
    • New Price: Discounted price.
    • Valid from: Start date of the discount.
    • Valid to: End date of the discount.
    • Promotional Text: Text to promote the discount.
  5. On the right side, you can specify the genre of the collection.

Publishing the Music Store – WordPress ecommerce

To add the Music Store to a page or post on your WordPress site, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the page or post where you want to display the Music Store, or create a new page/post.
  2. Insert the Music Store block

Interface for inserting the Music Store in WordPress ecommerce:

  • Filter results by product type: By default, shows products of a specific type.
  • Columns: Set the number of columns for displaying store products.
  • Filter results by genre: Filter products by genre.
  • Filter results by artist: Filter products by artist.
  • Filter results by album: Filter products by album.

The insertion process will generate a shortcode that will be replaced by the Music Store when it is viewed on the website.

To add the Music Store to a post or page, use the shortcode [music_store column="3"]. If you prefer to insert the Music Store directly into the template, use the following PHP code:

<?php print do_shortcode('[music_store_product id="3"]'); ?>

Interface for insertion dialog of product list in a page or post (the interface is available as a widget for inserting the products list in the website’s sidebars)

  • Select the type of products list (top rated products, the newest products, or the top selling).
  • Enter the number of products to display on list.
  • Enter the number of columns(if the products list is inserted in a website’s sidebar, it is recommended to use only one column).

The insertion process generates a shortcode which will be replaced by the products list when page is displayed on the website.

The shortcode in a post or page has the structure:

[music_store_product_list columns="1" number="3" type="top_rated"]

If prefer to insert the product directly in template:

<?php print do_shortcode('[music_store_product_list columns="1" number="3" type="top_rated"]'); ?>

Interface for insertion dialog of sales counter in a page or post (the interface is available as a widget for inserting the counter in the website’s sidebars)

  • Select the numbers design.
  • Enter the minimum length of counter number.

The insertion process generates a shortcode which will be replaced by the counter when page is displayed on the website.

The shortcode in a post or page has the structure:

[music_store_sales_counter min_length="3" style="alt_digits"]

If prefer to insert the product directly in template:

<?php print do_shortcode('[music_store_sales_counter min_length="3" style="alt_digits"]'); ?>

Purchased Products List

The [music_store_purchased_list] shortcode is replaced by the list of products purchased by the logged user.

Sale Statistics

When a sale occurs, the Music Store administrator receives a notification email. Additionally, sales can be managed and reviewed in the Sales Reports section. To access this feature, follow these steps:

Navigate to the store’s setup page by going to “Music Store / Sales Report” menu option (refer to screenshot-9).

In the Reports section, you can:

  • Filter sales reports for a specific period (defaults to the current day).
  • View total sales for the selected period and the currency used for the sales (refer to screenshot-10).
  • Generate charts with graphical data on sales, such as sales by country, currency, and products.

You can also:

  • Delete a sales report from the list, useful for refunds to buyers and keeping sales statistics accurate.
  • Replace all purchases associated with an email address with another email address.

Additionally, you have the option to manually enter sales entries, enabling website owners to update sales reports even for products sold through other channels.


The Music Store – WordPress ecommerce uses the English language by default, but includes the following language packages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch

Note: The languages packages are generated dynamically. If detects an error in the translation, please, contact us to correct it.


  • Music Store Item
  • Music Store Song Section
  • Song Edition Interface
  • Music Store Collection Section
  • Collection Edition Interface
  • Integration with the Gutenberg Editor
  • Integration with the Elementor Editor
  • Integration with the Page Builder by SiteOrigin
  • Music Store Insertion Button
  • Music Store Insertion Interface
  • Product Insertion Interface
  • Products List Insertion Interface
  • Insertion Interface for Sales Counter
  • The Available Widgets for Insert the Products, Products List and Sales Counter in the Website’s Sidebars
  • Filtering Sales Report
  • Sales Reports
  • Available layouts
  • Songs Importer Section
  • Customize Templates Section


This plugin provides 5 blocks.

  • Music Store
  • Product
  • Products List
  • Purchased List
  • Sales Counter


To install Music Store – WordPress ecommerce, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Plugins > Add New Plugin” menu option
  2. Enter “Music Store – WordPress eCommerce” in the search box
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Go to “Music Store > Store Settings” menu option to set up your store.


Q: Why the sales button don’t show?

A: Please, check the store and produtcs settings to be sure the products are not being distributed for free. More information in the following link:

Click here

Q: Why the songs don’t displays on music store?

A: Please, check the song’s status, and it there are ticked the option for selling as single:

Click here

Q: Why the audio file is played partially?

A: It is the common behavior if has been configured the product to protect the audio file for selling. Please, visit the following link:

Click here

Q: Why the music player is not loading on page?

A: There are different possible causes, from the theme’s development, until uncaught javascript errors in the webpage (not necessarily generated by our plugin):

Click here

Q: What can I do if the music-store directory exists and the premium version of plugin cannot be installed?

A: The recommended method for installing the premium version is deactivate and delete first the free one. As the process does not modifies the database, the upgrade is safety:

Click here

Q: Does allow the music store a different payment gateway than PayPal?

A: From now the Music Store includes support only for PayPal, we’re working in other alternatives (in development yet), however, if you need to use a different payment gateway, do not hesitate in request a custom coding service from the following link:

Custom coding service

Q: Can the customers pay directly with its credit cards?

A: Yes, that’s apossible, however, you should enabling the option in the payment gateway:

Click here

Q: Is possible the selling of songs in exclusive?

A: The professional version of the plugin includes different payment models, allowing to define standard and exclusive prices, even allowing the users pay what they considering fair:

Click here

Tip: If was defined a discount for a song, it is not applied to the exclusive sales.

Q: How to display different numbers design in the sales counter?

A: The numbers apearance can be termined through the shortcode, or replacing the number images.

Click here

Q: How can I modify the Music Store design?

A: There are different alternatives to modify the store’s appearance, selecting a different layout, through the attributes in the store’s shortcode, or editing the template files. More detailes in the following link:

Click here

Q: Is possible promote a product, or products list?

A: A possible solution would be inserting products, or products list, in pages and sidebars:

Click here

Q: Are the downloads protected?

A: The plugin implements some protection rules:

Click here

Q: How forcing to the browser to download the songs distributed for free?

A: To force the download, please follow the instructions published in this LINK.

Q: How to prevent the access to the audio files in the “uploads” directory, from browsers?

A: Click here, and follow the instructions to create a .htaccess file for protecting the website’s files.

Q: How to hide the popularity of products?

A: To hide the popularity of products, would be required edit some css rules.

Click here

Q: Can be modified the size of audio files played in safe mode?

A: Simply edit the percentage of the audio files for demo in the store’s settings.

Click here

Q: How to display the tracks list in the collections pages with a predetermined order?

A: Click here

Q: Can be sold only collections, and not individual songs?

A: More details to exclude the songs for selling:

Click here

Q: Is possible to include different versions of a same song?

A: Yes, that’s possbile using collections.

Click here

Q: Can be modified the store’s settings in a specific page?

A: It is possible modify the store directly from the shortcode. Click here to know the all supported attributes

Q: I’ve inserted a shortcode to insert a particular song in a page; but it is loading with the same layout that the songs in the store. Can be loaded the song or collection with all its attributes? With the layout used in the particular page of the product.

A: That’s possible select the product’s layout from its shortcode.

Click here

Q: Is there any restriction on the size of the audio files to upload to the server?

A: The limits are defined directly in the PHP script on the web server.

Click here

Q: Why the zipped files with the purchased products are failing?

A: The restrictions depend of the settings in the PHP Script on the web server.

Click here

Q: A customer that has purchased a product from the store, has not downloaded the song in the time interval defined in the store’s settings. What can I do in this case?

A: The download links can be resetted.

Click here

Q: How to know the products purchased by a customer?

A: The plugin includes a sales reports with a record for each sale.

Click here

Q: Can be customized the download page?

A: The download page is a common page with part of its content defined at runtime.

Click here

Q: Why the customers are not receiving the download links after purchase the songs?

A: Please, check the PayPal settings.

Click here for additional information.

Q: The IPN is enabled in my PayPal account, but the customers are not receiving the emails with the download links.

A: Please, check the plugin settings following the instructions published here

Q: Can the customers return automatically to the download page after purchase a song?

A: That’s possible but modifying the settings of your PayPal account.

Click here

Q: The download page is displaying a 404 Error, page not found

A: Be sure you have not deleted the download page.

Click here

Q: How to insert the shopping cart icon in all the website’s pages?

A: Click here

Q: The shopping cart page is displaying a 404 Error, page not found

A: Be sure you have not deleted the shopping cart page.

Click here

Q: Can sell the music store tangible products?

A: Click here for additional information.

Q: Can be created multiple products at time, or should be created one by one?

A: The plugin includes the importing module.

Click here

Q: How to configure the IPN on PayPal Sandbox ?


Q: Is possible to search by artists, albums or genres from the search box of my website?

A: The plugin allows searching by taxonomies.

Click here to know how activate this feature.


august 29, 2023 1 reply
I find the Music Store plugin excellent. I’m very pleased with my purchase and really like its features. Installing tracks and albums is easy, and the shortcode’s flexibility is great. The tech support is outstanding. I highly recommend purchasing it; it’s definitely worth it.Tony
juli 2, 2022 1 reply
Plugin is a bit fiddly, but I guess if it was worth using, you’d figure it out. However, it is no good if you want to sell a full single, E.P or Album as it only allows 1 track per release. Not much use in the real world unless you pay for the Pro version sadly.
februar 9, 2022 1 reply
Love this simple but great plugin for my size company! We are using the free version and loving it. Tech support is awesome. They answered our question quickly, that was the best part. Can’t wait to upgrade and unleash the other features! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
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Contributors & Developers

“Music Store – WordPress eCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Includes a new attribute in the form settings to activate/deactivate the audio preload from players.
  • Modifies the validation of the store shortcode attributes to prevent failures when entering invalid attributes’ values.


  • Improves the Gutenberg blocks.
  • Fixes an issue processing the store shortcode attributes.


  • Increase the plugin security by escaping the group by variable in the sales reports. Special thanks to Daiki Sato from GMO Cybersecurity by Ierae, Inc. and Noriko Totsuka from JPCERT/CC.


  • Fixes a conflict in the activation process with WP6.5.


  • Removes deprecated JS code.