This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Hyper PWA


Hyper PWA plugin is developed based on and Workbox, provides Manifest and Service Worker — it converts WordPress into Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Users can add a website as an App icon to their mobile deveice Home Screen, can even use it during Offline Mode. It is compatible with OneSignal and Firebase, website owner can send Push Notifications to the App.

* Include Workbox Strategies
* Include Offline Fallback Page
* Include Default Handler
* Include Precaching
* Include Periodic Background Sync
* Include Background Sync
* Include Google Analytics
* Include Update Prompt
* Include Console Debug Log
* Provide Manifest
* Provide Service Worker
* Support Publish to App Stores
* Support Add to Home Screen
* Support Work in Offline Mode
* Support Push Notifications
* Compatible with AMP
* Compatible with OneSignal
* Compatible with Firebase


This plugin is relying on a 3rd party Software as a Service — FlexPlat: to generate Manifest and Service Workers related files. The Terms and Conditions is located at:

In detail, to make PWA working, end users will ask your website to provide Manifest and Service Workers related files:
* hyper-pwa-register.js
* hyper-pwa-service-worker.html
* hyper-pwa-service-worker.js
* hyper-pwa-manifest.json
* hyper-pwa-unregister.js
* hyper-pwa-offline.html
Inside of producing these files within my plugin, my plugin will send necessary parameters to FlexPlat, FlexPlat will build the Service Workers related files based on the received parameters, and return these files to your website. Then my plugin forwards these files to end users.

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  1. WordPress Plugins Libraries:


Go to your website Dashboard Hyper PWA section for detail.

Custom Development

If your website is complex, such as WooCommerce, Learning Management System (LMS), Online Booking/Reservation System, and want to have a personalized/customized Manifest and/or Service Worker solution, so different pages can have different routing strategies, different resources have different recipe configuration, different accounts have different precaching list, everyday has a new periodic background sync list… we can do the custom PWA development for you. It is a premium service. Please send an email to me, so we can have more communication.


Author: Rickey Gu


  1. Upload the plugin files to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/hyper-pwa’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.


I find following error message in web browser console: hyper-pwa-register.js:1 Failed to load module script: Expected a JavaScript module script but the server responded with a MIME type of “text/html”. Strict MIME type checking is enforced for module scripts per HTML spec.

Your website should have some cache plugin, such as WP Rocket. You should exclude following pages from the cache:
such as for WP Rocket, you should do accordingly:

I find following error message in web browser console: hyper-pwa-manifest.json:1 Manifest: Line: 1, column: 1, Syntax error.

Check the answer of the above question.

How to make App Icons?

How to make maskable App Icons?

How to find my website Repeat View load time/speed?

You can use following tool: . In the Advanced Settings, you need to change Repeat View option from “First View Only” to “First View and Repeat View”.

How to validate/audit my website PWA status?

We use Google Chrome Lighthouse: . You can google to find more tools.

How to publish my PWA as an App to Application Stores?

You can use PWABuilder: to publish your PWA as an App.

How to add my website to mobile device home screen?

How to send Push Notifications?

This plugin is compatible with OneSignal: and Firebase: , you can use OneSignal WordPress plugin, such as: and Firebase WordPress plugin, such as: to do Push Notifications.


januar 4, 2023
This plugin is a wonderful no-brainer application for those who love to do thing through the wp dashboard. Real smooth and easy. Works flawlessly. What's more, the Plugin Developer Rickey replies to all support queries ever so promptly and is ever willing to handhold you, should yo get stuck. Just Fantastic !
februar 9, 2022
I have tried many pWA plugins for our woocommernce website but one of all of them failed to perform and especailly no proper support. Then I find Hyper PWA plugin and it worked well. Support from Rickey is excellent and timely manner. He is very supportive and communication is polite.
oktober 12, 2021
Far behind SuperPWA and PWA for WP. Read carefully in the dashboard because some settings are accessible but become chargeable after 90 days.


august 2, 2021
After using this plugin, my website have passed lightinghouse pwa-audit
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= 2.33.0
(Sun., Jun. 11, 2023)
* Improvement: Show Add to Home Screen only on specific url.

= 2.32.0
(Fri., May 05, 2023)
* Bug Fix: CrossOrigin warning message.

= 2.31.0
(Wed., May 03, 2023)
* Improvement: Optimize Service Worker query.

= 2.30.0
(Sun., Apr. 30, 2023)
* Improvement: Add to Home Screen button font family and size.

= 2.29.0
(Sat., Apr. 29, 2023)
* Improvement: Merge Manifest and Server Worker packages.

= 2.28.0
(Fri., Apr. 28, 2023)
* Improvement: Simulate cron job.

= 2.27.0
(Wed., Apr. 26, 2023)
* Bug Fix: Retrieve and Fallback issue.

= 2.26.0
(Mon., Apr. 24, 2023)
* Bug Fix: Can NOT personalize Icons.

= 2.25.0
(Sun., Apr. 23, 2023)
* Bug Fix: Move hyper-pwa-service-worker.js and hyper-pwa-manifest.json to Precache List continue.

= 2.24.0
(Sat., Apr. 22, 2023)
* Bug Fix: Move hyper-pwa-service-worker.js and hyper-pwa-manifest.json to Precache List.

= 2.23.0
(Fri., Apr. 21, 2023)
* Bug Fix: Scheduled update Manifest and Service Worker files.

= 2.22.0
(Thur., Apr. 20, 2023)
* Bug Fix: Add to Home Screen freezed.

= 2.21.0
(Sun., Apr. 16, 2023)
* Improvement: Support CORS.

= 2.20.0
(Mon., Apr. 10, 2023)
* Improvement: Add Manifest supplement text field.

= 2.19.0
(Tue., Apr. 08, 2023)
* Improvement: Deactive when other PWA plugin is active.

= 2.18.0
(Tue., Apr. 04, 2023)
* Improvement: Add version number for JavaScript link.= 2.17.0
* Improvement: Add Manifest and Service Worker both from SaaS and from local.

= 2.16.0
* Bug Fix: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /wp-content/plugins/hyper-pwa/lib/lib.php

= 2.15.0
* Improvement: Change Manifest and Service Worker from SaaS to local.

= 2.14.0
* Bug Fix: Correct wp_enqueue_script() parameters.
* Bug Fix: Correct wp_enqueue_style() parameters.

= 2.13.0
* Improvement: Improve transient refresh.

= 2.12.0
(Fri., Aug. 19, 2022)
* Improvement: Improve cron job.

= 2.11.0
(Wed., May 25, 2022)
* Improvement: Improve plugin setting description.


(Fri., May 20, 2022)
* Remove: Manifest screenshots
* Remove: Manifest shortcuts
* Remove: Manifest related_applications


(Fri., Apr. 22, 2022)
* New Feature: Manifest screenshots
* New Feature: Manifest shortcuts
* New Feature: Manifest related_applications


(Sun., Apr. 10, 2022)
* Improvement: Combine the free and the premium version.


(Wed., Mar. 30, 2022)
* Improvement: Move Procedure to Tab.
* Bug Fix: Remove “browser primary” from Manifest Display.
* Improvement: Server side security.
* Improvement: Add Diagnosis.
* Improvement: Google Analytics.


(Sun., Mar. 20, 2022)
* Bug fix: JS version issue.
* Improvement: Manifest & Server Worker refresh issue.


(Sat., Mar. 19, 2022)
* Improvement: Merge Flex PWA with Hyper PWA.
* Bug fix: Remove “browser primary” from Manifest Display
* Improvement: Move Procedure to Tab


(Mon., Mar. 07, 2022)
* Improvement: Various optimizations.


(Thur., Feb. 10, 2022)
* Bug fix: Add to Home Screen icon issue.


(Thur., Jan. 27, 2022)
* Bug fix: for the error messages in PluginTests.


(Sun., Jan. 09, 2022)
* Improvement: Update premium features.


(Fri., Dec. 17, 2021)
* New Feature: Support Id property in manifest.
* Improvement: Rewrite server side with Express.


(Tue., Nov. 30, 2021)
* New Feature: Traffic balance.
* New Feature: Fallback.


(Fri., Oct. 29, 2021)
* New Feature: Verify if is compatible with OneSignal.
* New Feature: Verify if is compatible with Firebase.


(Thur., Oct. 07, 2021)
* New Feature: Support Add to Home screen.


(Sun., Aug. 29, 2021)
* New Feature: Provide more detail in admin settings page.


(Wed., Jul. 28, 2021)
* New Feature: Add more functions in admin settings page.


(Thur., Jul. 08, 2021)
* New Feature: Support Workbox Background Sync.


(Mon., Jun. 28, 2021)
* Improvement for PluginTests.


(Mon., Jun. 21, 2021)
* Improvement for Lighthouse Audit.


(Mon., Jun. 14, 2021)
* New feature: Use corn job to refresh cache.


(Tue., May 25, 2021)
* Bug fix: nonce not working for multiple users.


(Mon., May 24, 2021)
* Update according to WordPress Plugin Security guideline.


(Fri., May 07, 2021)
* New feature: multiple recipes.


(Fri., Apr. 23, 2021)
* Improve Service Worker recipe.


(Mon., Apr. 19, 2021)
* Improve Service Worker recipe.


(Fri., Apr. 09, 2021)
* Improve Service Worker recipe.


(Sun., Apr. 04, 2021)
* Deactivate Service Worker within Administration Dashboard.


(Tue., Mar. 30, 2021)
* Provide plugin Settings Page.


(Thur., Mar. 18, 2021)
* Pass Lighthouse PWA audit.
* Work compatible with AMP.
* Display an Offline Page when network is not available.
* Bypass WordPress Administration Dashboard for PWA.


(Thur., Mar. 04, 2021)
* Update according to WordPress Plugin Handbook.


(Tue., Mar. 02, 2021)
* Submission accepted by WordPress Plugin Review Team.


(Tue., Mar. 02, 2021)
* Update continued according to the comments of WordPress Plugin Review Team.


(Sat., Feb. 27, 2021)
* Update according to the comments of WordPress Plugin Review Team.


(Wed., Feb. 21, 2021)
* primary development