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Omnichannel for WooCommerce: Google, Amazon, eBay & Walmart Integration – Powered by Codisto

This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Omnichannel for WooCommerce: Google, Amazon, eBay & Walmart Integration – Powered by Codisto


  • Download of the extension is free.
  • 14 day free trial of integration services.
  • Paid subscription required for integration services after 14 days of free trial.
  • For more details on pricing, please see https://codisto.com/pricing.html.

Smarter Google

Boost sales with automated Product Listing Ads and quickly list and manage products on Google Shopping and Surfaces Across Google. Full ‘Buy on Google’ & enhanced listings support.

Smarter Amazon

Visit https://codisto.com/connect/ to read more about Codisto including documentation, installation instructions and pricing.

Smarter eBay

Unrivalled listing automation & sync control on any global eBay marketplace direct from WooCommerce, retaining existing listings & sales history.

Smarter Walmart

Reach over 120 million monthly visitors on Walmart.com directly from WooCommerce and quickly list and manage thousands of products on Walmart Marketplace.

** Omnichannel for WooCommerce is free to download and install but requires a paid monthly subscription for ongoing integration services after the 14-day free trial period. For more details on pricing, see below.

Omnichannel for WooCommerce by Codisto is a Google channel, an Amazon channel, an eBay channel and a Walmart Channel all in one smartly designed extension for WooCommerce.

Omnichannel for WooCommerce functions as a marketplace listing tool and a fully-featured omnichannel solution with real-time inventory & pricing sync directly from WooCommerce.

Other omnichannel selling tools for WooCommerce require you to export & migrate your entire product catalog to their platform, but with Omnichannel for WooCommerce powering your Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart integration you can connect to all their global marketplaces and sales channels directly from WooCommerce giving you complete control of your Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Google listings and Google Product Listing Ads


  • All global Google, Amazon, Walmart & eBay sales channels with in-built currency control
  • All WooCommerce store currencies
  • Create new or link existing Google, Amazon, Walmart & eBay listings in bulk
  • Real-time sync of inventory, orders, pricing & product details
  • Supports use of channel specific titles, prices, descriptions & product details
  • Create Buy on Google listings & Product Listing Ads for Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Google Display Network and more Surfaces Across Google

Smarter Listing Creation & Linking

Choose from three distinct listing modes – single-listing, multi-listing or attribute mapping mode – with a suite of powerful automation features making it easier than ever before to create, sync and manage sales channel listings across Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart all in the one place.

  • Create new listings for Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart in bulk, including new Amazon ASINs
  • Built-in smarts for auto-categorization and enhanced listing creation
  • Boost conversion with Buy on Google checkout and integrated order flow support
  • Automatically create Google Product Listing Ads and set daily budgets directly from Omnichannel for WooCommerce
  • Already selling on sales channels? Omnichannel for WooCommerce automatically links any Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart listings in minutes protecting search ranking and sales history

Receive Omnichannel Orders in WooCommerce with Fully Synced & Integrated Order Flow

Sales channel orders are received in WooCommerce, and by updating inventory counts across all your connected sales channels and marketplaces as soon as a sale is made, Omnichannel for WooCommerce prevents overselling and allows you to manage inventory efficiently for all sales channels

  • Receive omnichannel orders in WooCommerce
  • Shipment tracking data and fulfilment status automatically updated on sales channels
  • No overselling or paying for ads on out-of-stock products

100% Real-time Sync for Everything with Codisto SmartSync™

Avoid having to update listings on every channel; Change once in WooCommerce and Omnichannel for WooCommerce automatically updates all sales channel listings.

  • Real-time sync with Amazon Seller Central, eBay Seller Hub, Walmart Seller Center and Google Merchant Center – no periodic data feeds!

Flexible Pricing Plans to Suit Your Business

Omnichannel for WooCommerce is free to download, install and try for 14-days, after which a recurring paid subscription is required for ongoing integration services provided by Codisto.

All plans come with the full range of features including real-time sync for inventory, pricing, orders and product information, as well as 24/7 customer support.

Additional plans are available for high-volume merchants.

For more information on pricing visit https://codisto.com/pricing.html.

Omnichannel for WooCommerce is the only official WooCommerce extension that connects your online store with millions of customers on Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart.

Take control of your omnichannel strategy and reach more customers with omnichannel for WooCommerce!Install Omnichannel for WooCommerce today and get 14 days free to create, sync and manage listings on any number of global Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart sales channels.


  • Set separate pricing inventory, and product details based on your WooCommerce values
  • Create configurations for advanced integrations with Attribute Mapping
  • Optimize title, description and keyword fields in the XpressGrid
  • Create and edit sales channel listings in bulk with XpressGrid Multi Edit
  • Fulfill your Google, Amazon and eBay orders directly from WooCommerce


  1. Install Codisto either via the WordPress.org plugin repository, or by uploading the files to your server
  2. Choose either “Connect your Amazon/eBay account” or “Enter your email address” and follow the setup instructions.
  3. Choose which items you wish to list from the Codisto > Listings screen and click publish


How long does it take to set up and start selling?

Because Omnichannel for WooCommerce sits inside your existing WooCommerce platform there’s no data migration to a separate multi-channel platform required which can save days or even weeks of setup time.

With Omnichannel for WooCommerce, installation and connecting a sales channel takes about a minute. Setting default listing values takes another minute or so. If you are happy listing all products with default values there is nothing more to do except enable the products (in bulk) you want to list (or link to existing listings).

Amazon, Walmart and eBay limit the speed of listing hundreds or thousands of products to a certain rate per minute but a few thousand products are listed in about an hour. Google Merchant Centre can take up to 3 days to verify your products. If you wish to configure certain products away from the default values, setup time is dependent on how many changes you are making but all changes can be done in bulk. It’s rare that merchants take any more than an hour or so for the most complicated configurations and everyone is normally selling same day.

Does Omnichannel for WooCommerce support all Amazon, Google and eBay sales channels globally and all WooCommerce store currencies?

Yes. Omnichannel for WooCommerce supports listings on all Google, Amazon and eBay sites around the world all from within WooCommerce, and listing for approved sellers on Walmart US.

Omnichannel for WooCommerce supports all store currencies and you can use our in-built currency manager to list on sales channels in different currencies.

Can I set separate price and quantity rules, titles and descriptions?

Yes. It’s easy to set different rules for sales channel listings different to those used on your webstore and quickly apply them in bulk using in built operators or mapping fields from WooCommerce.

What do you mean by real-time sync?

Omnichannel for WooCommerce sync is ‘event driven’. This means as soon as something happens like an item gets sold or a price gets changed, it is constantly ‘listening’ and reacts as soon as the message that something has changed is received, which means you can’t oversell or sell at the wrong price because we avoid the need for scheduled sync events. This is different from alternative approaches which run event changes on scheduled frequencies e.g. every hour. A scheduled sync approach means you are always out of sync between schedules.

I already have listed my products on Amazon/eBay. Can Codisto import them to WooCommerce?

No, Codisto is designed to let WooCommerce be the “source of true” – you contine to manage your products in WordPress – and use Codisto to manage which products and how they are listed on Amazon/eBay.
But it is possible to map existing Amazon/eBay listings to products in WooCommerce once they are in WooCommerce with the ‘map products’ function.

Does Omnichannel for WooCommerce work with other third-party apps?

Omnichannel for WooCommerce works well with common third-party extensions e.g. shipping integrations. Omnichannel for WooCommerce ‘should’ work well with other third-party apps due to our rigorous adherence to app development guidelines.

However, we cannot guarantee all third-party apps have been developed in accordance with the guidelines and given the large number it is impossible to test all. If you are using a third-party app that you are already using and suspect may cause a conflict we suggest testing Omnichannel for WooCommerce with a small number or products/orders first and reach out to support if you experience any difficulties.

I have Amazon/eBay listings and want to create an online store, can Omnichannel for WooCommerce do that for me?

No. Omnichannel for WooCommerce uses your online store product catalog as the ‘source of truth’ to sync with Amazon/eBay. There are third-party importer tools available to create products in WooCommerce (search Google or app store). You can then use Omnichannel for WooCommerce to create/link and sync your WooCommerce products with Google, Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

Do you mark orders as coming from Google, Amazon, Walmart or eBay when you sync them with WooCommerce?

Yes. Omnichannel for WooCommerce marks orders and puts them into Google, Amazon, Walmart and eBay customer groups in WooCommerce.

How does the free trial work?

You can use Omnichannel for WooCommerce free for 14 days. No credit card is required to install and configure (‘click around’). We ask you to choose a plan and enter credit card when you list/link your first item(s).

Nothing gets charged during the free trial period but we need a payment method in place should you decided to continue with Omnichannel for WooCommerce at the end of the free trial period so that sync isn’t interrupted as you move from free trial to paying subscription.

If you want to cancel at any time during the free trial simply email support@codisto.com and nothing will ever get charged.

What happens at end of trial?

If you choose to continue with Omnichannel for WooCommerce at the end of the free trial, we will charge your credit card for the plan selected. If you choose to cancel during the free trial period (email support@codisto.com), we’ll end sync and not charge you. Any listings created during the free trial remain active at the end of the trial (we never end them), but they are no longer kept in sync with WooCommerce.

What’s included in the free trial?

Everything. The product you use during your free trial is the same product you would use as a paying subscription.

Can I upgrade/downgrade anytime?

Yes. You can choose to upgrade or downgrade plans at any time by selecting the appropriate plan within the app.

Are there any contracts?

No. There’s no contract – just pay as you go, month-to-month. You can cancel at any time without penalty.

Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees or hidden charges with any of our plans.

What if I go over my plan limits?

To find out more about the specific overages and inclusions in your plan, please visit the Codisto pricing page.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Do I need my credit card info to sign up?

No. You can install and experience Omnichannel for WooCommerce without a credit card. We ask you to choose a plan and enter credit card when you list/link your first item(s).

Nothing gets charged during the free trial period but we need a payment method in place should you decided to continue with Omnichannel for WooCommerce at the end of the free trial period so that sync isn’t interrupted as you move from free trial to paying subscription. If you want to cancel at any time, email support@codisto.com.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. If you ever decide that Omnichannel for WooCommerce isn’t the best Amazon/eBay integration solution for your business, simply cancel by emailing support@codisto.com. We never end any listings when you cancel, they are just not kept in sync any longer.

Do I need my own Google, Amazon, Walmart or eBay account to use Omnichannel for WooCommerce?

Yes. Omnichannel for WooCommerce connects your online store to your Google/Amazon/eBay/Walmart account(s). You need an Amazon Professional Seller account (you can’t use an individual account because Amazon doesn’t allow third-party connections) or an eBay seller account (list any item on eBay manually once and eBay automatically turn an eBay buyer account into an eBay seller account). For Walmart, you will need a Walmart account and be approved to sell by applying directly to Walmart as a seller. If you do not have a Google account or Google Merchant Center account, one can be created for you automatically. You are responsible for any Google/Amazon/eBay fees – these are separate to Omnichannel for WooCommerce charges.

Can I use multiple Google/Amazon/eBay/Walmart accounts?

Yes. Omnichannel for WooCommerce supports multi Google/Amazon/eBay account, multi Google/Amazon/eBay site and multi-store use

I operate two stores, do I need two Omnichannel for WooCommerce subscriptions?

Omnichannel for WooCommerce works on a ‘per instance’ basis so you need more than one subscription unless you have multiple stores on the same instance.

What is your support like?

Support is available 24/7 by email and chat.

Why is Omnichannel for WooCommerce a monthly fee not a one-time software purchase?

Omnichannel for WooCommerce is constantly ‘listening’ and reacting to any changes made on sales channels or your platform to ensure sync is maintained. This architecture is the only way to provide the performance demanded by professional online sellers. This requires a lot of server resources that we get charged on a monthly basis for by Amazon Web Services.

Also, sales channels and platforms and regularly changing their offerings in terms of features, meta data or APIs (what we use to connect stores to sales channels). Furthermore, we are having to constantly reinvest to develop new features and maintain the solution to ensure it works for all sites and platforms supported. We also provide 24/7 support. All of this is included in the monthly fee.

Do I need to end my current eBay listings to use Omnichannel for WooCommerce?

No. Omnichannel for WooCommerce understands the importance of retaining your current listings. During the installation flow we prompt you to ‘Link Existing eBay Listings’ which guides you through how to link your existing eBay listings to your eCommerce products. This can be done in bulk in a few clicks.

Do you end listings if I cancel Omnichannel for WooCommerce?

No. Listings are never ended if you cancel your Codisto subscription for Omnichannel for WooCommerce, they are just no longer kept in sync with WooCommerce and no orders are transferred to WooCommerce.

Why does Omnichannel for WooCommerce offer a Flexi plan with a variable % (+1.9% of sales channels sales) and how does this work?

Some merchants are unsure how their products will sell on sales channels, but they have a lot of products they want to list and try selling. The idea of the flexi plan is to give merchants a low commitment way of trying sales channel selling.

Once sales are known or it becomes cheaper to move to a fixed plan, simply change plans in app. This can be done at any time. Merchants on the flexi plan get charged the fixed portion in advance and the variable portion in arrears.

Can I list selected products or part of my catalog or do I have to list the entire catalog?

You can choose what you want to list, individually or in bulk. Filtering and bulk edit makes it very fast to list any number of products.

Can I use Omnichannel for WooCommerce just for order sync from Amazon/eBay/Walmart to WooCommerce?

Absolutely. You don’t need to list anything with Omnichannel for WooCommerce to take advantage of sales channel order sync – set to “all orders” in the orders settings screen.

Are there any more FAQ?

Yes, there are! Please check out our growing knowledge base at http://help.codisto.com/


september 18, 2022 1 reply
i used it in google merchant about 2 years. after cancelling the subscription they took over my google account and locked me out. google told me contact them to release ownership of my account and they never complied. google cant help because i gave them access now they are the sole owner and they refuse to give me access to my account, pretending that they don’t know what google talking about.
august 6, 2021
Hi there we just started working with this plug-in and we love it! We do have a problem with connecting to google, it returns a 403. any ideas how to fix this?
mars 25, 2021
After multiple rounds of talking with support, they’ve now told me it doesn’t support ShipStation for integration. It is not passing back tracking information to Amazon, so you need to enter it manually for every order. This plugin does a good job of pulling orders into WooCommerce and updating the status back to Amazon, but in order to be a full solution, it would need to support ShipStation (and other popular shipping platforms) and be able to pass tracking information back to Amazon.
desember 13, 2020 4 replies
Let’s start out with the good….. Customer support has a pretty fast response time. Now on to the bad- We were able to figure out how to use this plugin, but we’re technically genius level merchants. Other folks might have a harder go of it, though Codisto does offer some pretty ok training videos. It’s quite a complicated plugin setup. You will have to know a lot about database maintenance (if you’re using WooCommerce) and the pricing…. Let’s talk about the pricing…. So, the 2nd level tier option costs resellers $720/year just to list products on eBay or Amazon, both of which are going to charge you commission on top of that. eBay has insertion fees of $.35 per listing plus they take 12.9% seller commission. Amazon charges 15% commission plus either $1 per sale or $40 per month depending on your seller account. We resell items with typically a 10-25% profit margin with means after we’ve paid everyone, we’re making almost nothing no matter what Codisto plan we choose. As a business owner, I’m not comfortable makeing the least out of everyone at the table. But that’s just me. Combine that with the overload this plugin places on the web browser, it’s shipping policy limitations, the plugin defaults every physical good to free, 1 Day fulfillment (still pretty pissed about that), and it truncated all our product listing names (even cutting off words so ‘Download’ reads as ‘Downl’) leading to more work managing customer questions than we actually made in profit, and this is a pretty poor plugin for the money. The verdict? Use WP-Lister for free. It’s clunky but the support is about as good as Codisto and they won’t rob you blind. Plus you’ll have much greater control over your listings templates and profile if you don’t know HTML. We decided to go with a 2 star review because the support folks we chatted with were very courteous and helpful, even if they work for a company with an overpriced, market gouging product. Mike MusicMann Studios
mai 29, 2020 1 reply
I sign up an just trying to test out on my woocommerce and in a week I get a bill for over $300!! They not only billed me twice for monthly fees but then they billed me a fee for every sale I made on my websites (that are all connected with other apps). They said they are entitled to a percentage of all my sales. I did not even use this app for these sales!! These sales were not a result of this crappy app but they still charged my credit card over $300. If don’t want to lose over $300 in one week I would avoid CODISTO! I plan to make sure people know about this everywhere I can so they don’t have to lose over $300 like I have.
mai 21, 2020 1 reply
After initially trying to get the plugin to work I gave up on using it. Support was good but ultimately nothing worked after trying for about a week, so i gave up on it. I’ve since given it another go to find out that my “two week free trial” on this ‘free’ item listed on woocommerce.com has expired and that I will need to pay the monthly fee to see if this thing is worth using. Its a less than ideal way of trying to get anyone to trial a plugin. If you go for that lower priced plan they will also take a percentage of each sale, which on top of what amazon take will cut your own profit margin. I would love to give this plugin another go but the limited trial period and percentage take on sales is a no sale for me.
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“Omnichannel for WooCommerce: Google, Amazon, eBay & Walmart Integration – Powered by Codisto” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.3.65 – 06/04/2022

  • Fix – set frame size based on admin menu width
  • Fix – remove deprecated function call
  • Update – WooCommerce tested up to 6.3.1
  • Update – WordPress tested up to 5.9.3

1.3.64 – 31/01/2022

  • Fix – filter template file names
  • Update – WordPress tested up to 5.9

1.3.63 – 26/08/2021

  • Fix – stop errors when creating orders in some scenarios
  • Update – WooCommerce tested up to 5.6.0

1.3.62 – 03/08/2021

  • Update – Support for Advanced Shipment Tracking Pro
  • Update – WooCommerce tested up to 5.4.1
  • Update – WordPress tested up to 5.8

1.3.61 – 18/06/2021

  • Fix – check for presence of status description

1.3.60 – 16/06/2021

  • Update – WordPress tested up to 5.7.2
  • Update – woocommerce tested up to 5.4.1
  • Update – status header updates to improve compatibility

1.3.59 – 09/06/2021

  • Update – prevent completed orders being set back to processing

1.3.58 – 09/06/2021

  • Update – prevent completed orders being set back to processing

1.3.57 – 17/02/2021

  • Fix – fix for handling the deleted products
  • Fix – order link for multi channel connections

1.3.56 – 29/01/2021

  • Update – shipping order line method update
  • Fix – fix for products before save action

1.3.55 – 18/01/2021

  • Update – additional endpoints for Google integration
  • Update – improvements to registration screen
  • Update – WordPress tested up to 5.6.0
  • Update – WooCommerce tested up to 4.9.1

1.3.54 – 30/11/2020

  • Update – WordPress tested up to 5.5.3
  • Update – WooCommerce tested up to 4.7.1
  • Fix – handle eBay Managed Payments payment method correctly

1.3.53 – 27/08/2020

  • Fix – stop errors when attempting to sync deleted variation children
  • Fix – use WooCommerce default currency for order currency
  • Update – add eBay template sync error logging
  • Update – WordPress tested up to 5.5.1
  • Update – WooCommerce tested up to 4.5.1

1.3.52 – 21/07/2020

  • Update – add Amazon order button to order detail
  • Fix – record country code on account registration

1.3.51 – 17/06/2020

  • Update – add eBay Templates menu option to new menu

1.3.50 – 15/06/2020

  • Update – improve shipping tracking sync performance

1.3.49 – 12/06/2020

  • Update – menu support for new home page

1.3.48 – 11/05/2020

  • Fix – handle cases where email filters don’t pass order objects

1.3.47 – 27/04/2020

  • Fix – Fixed Skipping New Orders email to Customer on Order Push
  • Fix – Added Optimized Order Fetch Query using Legacy Order Push
  • Fix – Skipped User Account Creation based on woocommerce_create_account_default_checked
  • WordPress tested up to 5.4.1

1.3.46 – 21/04/2020

  • Fix – Fixed Shipping Tax on Orders
  • Update – Add product tags to product sync

1.3.45 – 08/04/2020

  • Fix – Correctly set created_via to Amazon. Remove duplicated code

1.3.44 – 01/04/2020

  • Update – added support for Advanced Shipment Tracking by zorem

1.3.43 – 27/03/2020

  • Update – removed forcing WPADMIN if in admin/codisto url space

1.3.42 – 25/03/2020

  • Update – tested up to WooCommerce 4.0.1

1.3.41 – 19/03/2020

  • Update – support google product feed GTIN field
  • Update – optionally allow notification of order changes

1.3.40 – 3/03/2020

  • Fix – fix plugin load error

1.3.39 – 2/03/2020

  • Update – compatibility improvements

1.3.38 – 19/02/2020

  • Update – change trial days from 30 to 14

1.3.37 – 3/02/2020

  • Update – woocommerce tested up to 3.9.1

1.3.36 – 9/01/2020

  • Fix – include necessary files to ensure availability of is_plugin_active

1.3.35 – 23/12/2019

  • Update – Synchronize variation level weight

1.3.34 – 23/12/2019

  • change WooCommerce plugin detection
  • WooCommerce tested up to 3.8.1
  • WordPress tested up to 5.3.2

1.3.33 – 27/11/2019

  • Switch to wc_maybe_reduce_stock_levels
  • woocommerce tested up to 3.8

1.3.32 – 14/08/2019

  • woocommerce tested up to 3.7
  • deal with simple product attributes that have is_variation true

1.3.31 – 02/08/2019

  • remove sqlite dependancy in template synchronisation
  • support multisite wordpress
  • fix writeable directory message in template editor

1.3.30 – 15/07/2019

  • woocommerce tested up to 3.6.5

1.3.29 – 27/06/2019

  • link listing menu name change
  • wordpress tested up to 5.2.2

1.3.28 – 10/05/2019

  • wordpress tested up to 5.2

1.3.27 – 26/04/2019

  • woocommerce tested up to 3.6.2

1.3.26 – 8/04/2019

  • change readme to highlight Codisto service
  • wordpress tested up to 5.1.1
  • woocommerce tested up to 3.5.7

1.3.25 – 3/02/2019

  • add arguments to product_save hook

1.3.24 – 31/1/2019

  • support WooCommerce REST API product edit hooks
  • wordpress tested up to 5.0.3

1.3.23 – 23/12/2018

  • wordpress tested up to 5.0.2

1.3.22 – 23/12/2018

  • ordering of admin instantiation on sync

1.3.21 – 04/12/2018

  • added support for WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Pro extension

1.3.20 – 09/11/2018

  • bug fix account create

1.3.19 – 09/11/2018

  • change sign up form

1.3.18 – 09/11/2018

  • fix KSES function on plugin activation

1.3.17 – 01/11/2018

  • fixed Plugin URI to match published woocommerce store page

1.3.16 – 29/10/2018

  • tested up to 3.5.0

1.3.15 – 29/10/2018

  • handle tracking numbers from ‘WooCommerce Shipping Tracking’ (WCST)
  • general code improvements

1.3.14 – 29/10/2018

  • fix eBay order buttons

1.3.13 – 18/10/2018

  • speed up getting orders and tracking information

1.3.12 – 16/10/2018

  • additional order metafields – tag orders created by Amazon/eBay
  • activation message
  • amended account signup form

1.3.11 – 28/09/2018

  • only create users/customers on new orders

1.3.10 – 25/09/2018

  • avoid duplicate users created on order create/edit by avoiding any backend caching

1.3.9 – 21/09/2018

  • update shipping tracking fetch to match new woocommerce extension internal storage format

1.3.8 – 14/11/2017

  • declare woocommerce tested up to version

1.3.5 – 14/11/2017

  • transmit shipping tax class settings to properly calculate shipping tax amounts on order import

1.3.5 – 14/11/2017

  • stock adjustment node and merchant notes in order creation

1.3.4 – 14/11/2017

  • use currency converted prices in orders where applicable

1.3.3 – 20/07/2017

  • change name to Codisto LINQ

1.3.2 – 19/07/2017

  • modify styles for mobile view in control panel

1.3.0 – 24/05/2017

  • transmit plugin version during synchronisation

1.2.50 – 09/05/2017

  • updated menu items

1.2.49 – 01/05/2017

  • Amazon release
  • readme update

1.2.48 – 01/05/2017

  • remove control characters from signup fields

1.2.47 – 25/04/2017

  • upgrade readme to cover 4.7.4 as latest tested version
  • fix pre-registration backdrop UI

1.2.46 – 13/12/2016

  • sort variation attributes by user-entered sequence
  • set admin context when synchronizing

1.2.45 – 13/12/2016

  • upgrade readme to cover 4.7.0 as latest tested version

1.2.44 – 16/11/2016

  • suppress warnings and user legacy tax function naming for support on older versions

1.2.43 – 16/11/2016

  • clear output buffer before proxying or syncing, ensures clean output for all plugin endpoints

1.2.42 – 02/11/2016

  • improved support for ‘select’ style globally defined attributes at product level
  • started synchronising variation level attributes

1.2.41 – 26/09/2016

  • add Account menu item

1.2.40 – 26/09/2016

  • stop PHP warnings when accessing offsets that don’t exist in an object during catalogue sync

1.2.39 – 15/09/2016

  • read correct values from global attributes

1.2.38 – 6/09/2016

  • wordpress 4.6 doesn’t properly honour compress/decompress in new http api, disable compression in proxy

1.2.37 – 30/08/2016

  • fix variation labels

1.2.35 – 24/08/2016

  • change compression settings

1.2.34 – 04/08/2016

  • fix variation stock control

1.2.33 – 11/07/2016

  • change order sync to avoid sending emails as the customer is already in communication via eBay
  • product options that aren’t variations converted to multi-variant listings correctly

1.2.31 – 30/06/2016

  • change unit price on order lines to ex tax to match standard woocommerce orders

1.2.30 – 09/06/2016

  • work around wp super cache shutdown function that corrupts output

1.2.29 – 09/06/2016

  • ensure exit() called on sync and proxy functions so that additional plugins do not foul the output

1.2.28 – 08/06/2016

  • disable sending taxes if they are turned off in woocommerce settings
  • check for header_remove existence before using it (introduced in php 5.2)

1.2.27 – 03/06/2016

  • support multiple shipping options in the shipping callback
  • properly add any applicable tax on shipping to the inc tax freight result

1.2.26 – 05/05/2016

  • fixed an issue with rewrite generation in plugin activation when site and home urls had different protocols
  • added dynamic shipping callback for realtime bulky item rates on ebay

1.2.25 – 04/05/2016

  • updated readme to include base pricing based on customer feedback
  • flush option cache on registration
  • modified acf detection function

1.2.22 – 29/04/2016

  • use Advanced Custom Fields – https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/ to map field values and galleries to your eBay listings

1.2.21 – 26/04/2016

  • force decompression headers off if required to decompress in proxy

1.2.2 – 25/04/2016

  • forced currency setting during sync to match home currency with aelia currency switcher installed
  • fixed UI to avoid scroll in scroll when wordpress left menu grew too long

1.2.1 – 22/04/2016

  • switched http headers over to be codisto specific to avoid collision with other extensions

1.2.0 – 21/04/2016

  • handle missing _GET variables during registrations

1.1.99 – 21/04/2016

  • tested against wordpress 4.5

1.1.98 – 04/04/2016

  • fallback to get_product defined in earlier versions of WooCommerce if wc_get_product is not defined

1.1.97 – 04/04/2016

  • handle older versions of wordpress by not assuming wp_json_encode

1.1.96 – 30/03/2016

  • shift to full size image download – wp_get_attachment_image_src takes a default 2nd arg of ‘thumbnail’ which is now overriden to ‘full’

1.1.95 – 30/03/2016

  • had trouble updating wordpress svn so bumped version number

1.1.94 – 30/03/2016

  • fix rewrite rules to honour the difference between home and site url

1.1.87 – 21/03/2016

  • Initial public release