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AI Muse – AI Content Generator & Writer, AI Image Generator, AI Assistant, ChatGPT, GPT-4o, Gemini, LLAMA, Mistral, Claude

AI Muse – AI Content Generator & Writer, AI Image Generator, AI Assistant, ChatGPT, GPT-4o, Gemini, LLAMA, Mistral, Claude


Introducing AI Muse the Ultimate AI Content Generator for WordPress, a cutting-edge plugin designed to revolutionize the way you create content on your WordPress sites.

Supporting over 100+ AI models from OpenAI, Google AI, and OpenRouter, this powerful tool brings the future of automated content generation directly into your WordPress Block Editor or Site Editor.

Personalize your AIMuse with Custom Prompts and Prompt Templates features for your unique needs.

Utilize AI Content Generator for SEO suggestions, image creation, and streamlining WooCommerce product population.

Control the writing style of generated content, choosing from informative, descriptive, creative, and more. Additionally, incorporate desired emotions or any style using custom prompts in any supported language.

Conveniently manage and update your LLM API keys from within the plugin settings.

Whether you’re looking to generate engaging articles, SEO-optimized descriptions, keywords, stunning images, or manage bulk content creation efficiently, our plugin has got you covered.

It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, supports various post types, and offers advanced statistics for usage and cost tracking.

Want to know more? Read the AI Muse documentation! 👉 wpaimuse.com/docs

Join AI Muse Community: Get support, submit new features, report bugs and connect with fellow AI Muse users at 👉 community.wpaimuse.com

Core Features

AI Content Generator

Dedicated AI Content Generation editor for creating new topics, drafting posts, and filling in your post types. Works seamlessly with native WordPress post fields and post types.

Bulk Content Generation

With AI Content Generator feature you can use Bulk Content Generation and Publish or Draft multiple Posts or Post Types.

AI Image Generator

AI Muse uses AI to create stunning visuals that match your ideas or directly complement your content. It’s like having your own AI image designer. AI Image Generator

Advanced Statistics, Dashboard

See how you are using AI, including model choices, estimated costs, users, and token usage. Features include date range filters and visually appealing charts. Advanced Statistics


With the Playground feature, you can try anything you want! Experiment with different models, prompts, and settings to see what works best for your content.

AI Prompt Templates

Build your personal AI toolbox! Use our pre-made prompts as a starting point, then customize and add your own. Organize your prompts into categories for easy access. AI Prompt Templates

AI Block Editor

The AI Muse Plugin natively supports the WordPress block editor. Our intuitive AI Muse Block lets you create content with AI in just a few clicks. AI Block Editor

AI Site Editor

Stop staring at a blank page! AI Muse lets you generate content directly within your site editor, so you can focus on building your dream website. Our AI Muse Block and native block support give you the flexibility to create any kind of content you need. AI Site Editor

Post Types Support

AI Muse supports your WordPress Post Type Contents whether they are Pages, Posts, Blogs, or other post types. Post Type Support

OpenAI Support

AI Muse Plugin Supports OpenAI’s latest and greatest models. Dall-E, GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 are supported out of the box. OpenAI Support

Google AI Support

AI Muse Plugin Supports Google AI Model Gemini Pro. Google AI Support

Open Router Support

AI Muse lets you leverage the power of over 100 Open Router models (and growing) to craft your content, designs, and optimizations for your WordPress site Open Router Support

Compatible with WooCommerce

Write captivating product descriptions, keywords, and SEO-friendly articles for your WooCommerce store with AI Muse. Boost sales and optimize your site effortlessly. WooCommerce Support

Experience the Future of WordPress with AI Muse: Visit our official website for detailed documentation, support, and community engagement at wpaimuse.com.

Join our AI Muse community at community.wpaimuse.com and unlock the full potential of AI-powered WordPress innovation.

3rd Party Services

* When using OpenAI models (e.g. chatgpt gpt4 – gpt3.5) the api.openai.com API service is used. You can get the OpenAI API key from OpenAI Platform.

* When using Google AI models (e.g. gemini-pro) the generativelanguage.googleapis.com API service is used. You can get the GoogleAI API key from Google AI Studio.

* OpenRouter is a middleware service. You can use models from many providers with a single API key. The openrouter.ai API service is used when using OpenRouter.

* AI Muse API is used for seamless delivery of AI generated content to the user interface when your server does not support SSE (Server Sent Events). The content is transmitted end-to-end encrypted over api.wpaimuse.com.
* Note: The AI Muse API uses unencrypted data only when using the OpenAI service to count input prompt and predicted output tokens via tiktoken.


  • AI Assistant Block for Block Editor
  • AI Muse Content Generator with AI
  • AI Muse Image Generator with AI
  • AI Muse Prompt Templates
  • AI Muse Advanced Dashboard Statistics


mai 12, 2024
Future of WordPress? Yes Please! AI Muse feels like a glimpse into the future of content creation. It uses cutting-edge AI to write anything I need, from website copy to blog posts. Plus, it supports tons of AI models and integrates perfectly with WordPress. Feeling super productive and inspired!
mars 22, 2024
thank you for making this plugin and integrating with openrouter big models are always a pain to use sometimes they refuse to generate some content but with this plugin I can be free to generate anything I want 🙏
mars 21, 2024
I had the OpenRouter account I used as my API key and I had access to all their LLMs. I particularly liked how Claude3 performed. Very fast and minimal hallucinations. AI muse has a dashboard to play as well as post editor to create you posts. The existing prompts help you quickly regenerate and improve your text and image outputs. Download and test run it.
mars 20, 2024
AI Muse is an absolute game-changer. It integrates seamlessly and unlocks a lot of possibilities for crafting engaging content. Whether I’m fine-tuning my posts or diving into the native post editor, this plugin ensures a smooth and intuitive experience. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to endless inspiration.
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[1.2.2] – 2024-06-12

  • Fixed: The issue of saving as markdown in the bulk content suggestion tool has been resolved.

[1.2.1] – 2024-05-19

  • Fixed: Fixed an error when saving Prompt Template.

[1.2.0] – 2024-05-19

  • Added: ✨ Dataset feature added.
  • Added: ✨ Ability to link datasets to prompt templates.
  • Added: ✨ Ability to use datasets in the playground.
  • Fixed: Database reconnect issue resolved.
  • Fixed: Playground Scroll to bottom icon issue.
  • Improved: Playground message editing feature added.

[1.1.2] – 2024-05-03

  • Fixed: Admin page issues.

[1.1.1] – 2024-04-24

  • Fixed: Playground rename bug fixed.

[1.1.0] – 2024-04-24

  • Added: ✨ Playground feature added.
  • Improved: Improved UX in Prompt templates.
  • Improved: Context length info added to model settings components.
  • Fixed: Opt-in screen render conflict issue resolved.
  • Improved: Text labels in dashboard components updated for better UX.
  • Fixed: Log prune days setting not working issue resolved.
  • Fixed: Custom Icon of custom post types not appearing.

[1.0.8] – 2024-03-20

  • Improved: Database performance improvements.
  • Fixed: User interface not visible for some users.

[1.0.7] – 2024-03-16

  • Fixed: The problem connecting to the streaming service has been resolved.
  • Fixed: Conflict with other plugins in plugin upgrade event resolved.
  • Fixed: API token initialization twice request problem.

[1.0.6] – 2024-03-15

  • Hotfix: Null pointer exception for freemius plan id fixed.

[1.0.5] – 2024-03-15

  • Fixed: Null pointer exception for freemius plan id.

[1.0.4] – 2024-03-15

  • Hotfix: Version 1.0.3 was not properly released in the svn repository. Here is a hot-fix.

[1.0.3] – 2024-03-15

  • Improved: The capabilities of the Editor role have been expanded. The capabilities of roles lower than the Editor role have been completely restricted.
  • Security: Executable files in bin folders in 3rd party PHP packages in vendor created with Composer were deleted.

[1.0.2] – 2024-03-14

  • Fixed: Version 1.0.1 was not properly released in the svn repository. Here is a hot-fix.

[1.0.1] – 2024-03-14

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

[1.0.0] – 2024-03-13

  • First Release on WordPress.org
  • AI Muse is now available for all WordPress users.
  • Please feel free to report bugs and feature requests.
  • You can report bugs and feature requests in the AI Muse Community! 👉 community.wpaimuse.com